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NWPHS LTD are branching out into providing eco-funded boiler replacements in and around the local area. This means that you may be entitled to a FREE boiler replacement under the Green Deal Scheme.*

Contact us today on 01472 360501 to find out more. If you qualify under the scheme, we will be more than happy to arrange a time for a free, no obligation visit so that we can begin the process of installing your new FREE boiler.**


* Pending tenant is on qualifying benefits.

** Pending site survey.


NWPHS LTD are searching for a full time plumber and heating engineer. To apply, please feel free to contact us using the details below.


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Central heating boilers are available in a range of shapes and sizes.  From wall mounted and combination boilers to condensing and freestanding boilers, there’s a boiler on the market to suit all spaces and, perhaps most importantly, all budgets.  When considering what type of boiler will best suit your needs and your pocket, you will need to take into consideration several factors, not least the fuel type and whereabouts in your home you will require the boiler to be situated.  Central heating boilers can run on fuel such as gas (natural gas tends to be the most widely used fuel type), oil and LPG, as well as coal and electricity.  Boilers can be small and compact enough to fit inside a small kitchen cupboard, wall mounted in a utility room or snugly housed in between kitchen units.  Output and energy efficiency are other factors that require consideration.

Popular types of central heating boilers

Condensing boilers

Did you know modern condensing boilers have an efficiency rating of 90%?  We’re talking an A or B efficiency rating.  Condensing boilers are much more efficient than non-condensing models, thanks to an effective “heat exchanger” which enables heat to be re-circulated instead of it being lost up the boiler flue.  The more energy efficient the boiler the more savings there are to be made, helping to cut fuel costs considerably.

Combination boilers

Also known as “combi boilers” combination boilers provide heat and hot water directly from the boiler and are one of the most widely used types of central heating boilers on the market today. A combination, hence its name, of a high efficiency water heater and a central heating boiler, a combi heats water from within its unit. This type of boiler is especially ideal if space is an issue, because unlike conventional heating systems a combination boiler doesn’t need a hot water cylinder.

Wall mounted and freestanding boilers

Need to free up some space?  A wall mounted boiler could be the answer.  Wall mounted or wall hung boilers make for a perfect space saving solution.  Made from materials such as lightweight cast iron, stainless steel or aluminium they feature compact and lighter heat exchangers.  Like wall mounted boilers, freestanding boilers also make the best use of available floor space.  A practical solution, floor standing boilers are thinner because they are designed to fit neatly between kitchen units.  Back boilers Small and compact, if you have a back boiler providing your home with heat and hot water it’ll be hidden away behind an open fireplace hearth, sitting out of sight behind a fire front.  Due to current building regulations if your home has a boiler behind the fireplace it will need to be replaced with a high efficiency model, which in most cases, will be a condensing boiler.  It is still possible to install a back boiler, but they must adhere to at least 78% efficiency in line with the UK’s Seasonal Efficiency of Domestic Boilers rating.  For a direct replacement for your old back boiler Baxi manufacture a high efficiency model which meets current legislation.